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 Hippalyta's Database

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PostSubject: Hippalyta's Database   Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:35 pm

First Name : Hippalyta
Last Name :Starcross
Nickname : (Optional)

Eye Color :Icy Blue
Hair Color : Black

Species : Gypsy
Age : 130 yrs
Height : 5'6
Weight : 122 lbs

Casual Attire : N/A
Formal/Combat Attire : N/A

Hobbies : Training, Meditation, Traveling
Most Favorite Food :Fried Fish, Strawberrys & Honey bread
Least Favorite Food : Red Meats

Personality :
Hippalyta is described as stern and sometimes harsh toward others.
This is a common misconception as she would describe herself aggressively honest. She is Intelligent, Wise and Intuitive.
Hippalyta is naturally kind heart-ed despite her usual demeanor.
She loves children & helping others, though she is not above putting priority first.
Hippalyta is known to be somewhat impatient.

History : (At Least 12 Sentences)

Occupation : Traveler, Healer, Warrior
Long Term Goals :
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Hippalyta's Database
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