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The Rise of The Son Of Man Has Brought Forth A New Golden Age Among The Cosmos, Will You Seek To Maintain Order... Or Succumb To Power
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 Marooko's Database

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PostSubject: Marooko's Database   Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:42 pm

First Name : Marooko
Last Name : Ma'keena
Nickname : Rooko

Eye Color : Purple
Hair Color :Pale Gold

Species : Son Of Man
Age : 23
Height : 5'8
Weight : 140 lbs

Casual Attire : N/A
Formal/Combat Attire : N/A

Hobbies : Reading, Stargazing, Studying Ancient Religions, Spirituality
and Mythology. Communicating w/ Energy Beings.

Most Favorite Food : Seafood
Least Favorite Food : Sweets

Personality :
Marooko is loving , and fair hearted. Some believe him to be spacey
and sometimes awkward. Marooko has a strong love for nature and animals.
and this causes him to hate his darker side.

Phantom is violent, and cynical. he enjoys confusion and mayhem.
While not particulary evil. He cares for no one else not even Marooko.
Marooko describes him as "A Power Hungry Psychopath"

History :

Occupation : Assistant
Long Term Goals : N/A
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Marooko's Database
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