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The Rise of The Son Of Man Has Brought Forth A New Golden Age Among The Cosmos, Will You Seek To Maintain Order... Or Succumb To Power
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 Voltaire The Mightiest Of Man

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PostSubject: Voltaire The Mightiest Of Man   Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:20 pm

First Name : Voltaire
Last Name :
Nickname :

Eye Color : Black
Hair Color : Black

Species : Son Of Man
Age : Over 180 yrs
Height : 6'2
Weight : 190 lbs

Casual Attire : Long Black Trench Coat
Formal/Combat Attire : ^

Hobbies : Training
Most Favorite Food : Steak, Shrimp
Least Favorite Food : N/A

Personality : Voltaire comes off very strict, and serious. He is the type of person who prefers work over everyday leisure. Voltaire is known
to be intelligent, and straight forward, This aspect of his sometimes runs over his compassion, leading him to make harsh and unjust decisions.
Despite this he is not a cruel man by any means, but due to his position in Lemuria he does not believe happiness is something he can dwell for no more than mere moments.

History : WIP

Occupation : Grand Duke of Hesperides
Long Term Goals :
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Voltaire The Mightiest Of Man
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