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 Carlisle's Database

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PostSubject: Carlisle's Database   Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:30 pm

First Name : Carlisle
Last Name : Ambertach
Nickname : Wolfy

Eye Color : Red
Hair Color : Grey

Species : Sub Human
Age : Over 150 yrs
Height : 6'3 ft
Weight : 184 lbs

Casual Attire : Long Black Trench Coat, Finger-less Gloves , Black loose pants and Boots. Carlisle Also Wears Mutiple gold necklaces around his neck decorated in tribal jewels and sacred feathers.
Formal/Combat Attire :N/A

Hobbies : Long walks, Fishing
Most Favorite Food : Fish , Watermelon, Mangos
Least Favorite Food : Red Meat

Personality : Carlisle is usually very quiet, calm and introverted. He shows
discomfort when surrounded by too many people, this causes him to act aloof, distant , uncaring and sometimes rude and non-chalant.
Despite his fame, he rarely attends special events where he is honored.
Carlisle is considered by most very complex, but those who are close to him seem to accept this with much love. He also is very fond of good entertainment. Carlisle views battle as unnecessary, and belittling and would
rather find alternative solutions.
When under Bartholemew's lead Carlisle has no hesitation in battle
and is more than willing to utilize the full extent of his power. Carlisle values
loyalty above all else, this is especially seen with his relationship with the King.

History : WIP

Occupation : Member of the Court of Apostles , Land Owner.

Long Term Goals :
Carlisle Has Expressed His Only Life Goal Is To Maintain
A Peaceful Standard of Living and Remain Content, Though He Does Show Interest In Continuing His Training and Testing His Limits.
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Carlisle's Database
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