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 Template & Species Directory

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PostSubject: Template & Species Directory   Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:20 am

Here In This Topic You Will Be Provided With The Template Basis For Both
Your Character's Profile, Your Character's Abilities and Techniques As Well
As A Brief Description of The Available Species To Choose From.

Enjoy Very Happy


First Name :
Last Name :
Nickname : (Optional)

Eye Color :
Hair Color :

Species :
Age :
Height :
Weight :

Casual Attire :
Formal/Combat Attire :

Hobbies :
Most Favorite Food :
Least Favorite Food :

Personality : (At Least 8 Sentences)

History : (At Least 12 Sentences)

Occupation :
Long Term Goals :

"Your Magic"

Abilities : (At Least 6-8 Sentences)
Signature Techniques
(Everyone Starts with 3-5 Signature/Favorite Techniques, More Can Be Added
Upon Your Progression Through The Forum)

Name ~
Description ~

Name ~
Description ~

Name ~
Description ~

Name ~
Description ~

Name ~
Description ~


Son Of Man ~ Since the changes to earth
descendants of earlier humans have risen their bodies to new heights
of power allowing them to reassert dominance over the earth.

Gypsy ~ Members of the gypsy clan
are in-tuned with clairvoyant energies and the ether's of higher planes.
allowing this energy into their bodies gypsy people, possess natural beauty
unlike any other and can utilize multiple psychic abilities.

Witch ~ Witches use herbs and dark magic
to enhance their bodies and use forbidden transmutations to experiment
and form new spells. Natural born witches are much more powerful than the average and can be identified by their red eyes. These natural born witches
have no need for body enhancements and can utilize larger quantities for energy
without endangering or harming themselves.

Sub Human ~ Humans with Abnormal amounts of power, or unique abilities, it is not uncommon for sub humans to be offspring or descendants of more than one race

Elementals ~ Spiritual Beings tied to nature, these beings are extremely in-tuned with higher planes of energy and are thus extremely powerful. Elementals are divided into classes such as fire, water, ice, wind, earth etc. Elementals ultimately are humanoid manifestations of the force of nature.

Therian ~ Descendant from Lycans
Therians are shapeshifting humans who can turn their body into a beast like
form with immense strength and speed.

Vampirian ~ Descendants of Vampires, Vampirians
do not need blood to survive but do crave it from time to time. They posses immense strength, speed, and unique powers among individuals.
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Template & Species Directory
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